Too-potent heroin blamed in 20 Lake Co. deaths

Posted on March 13, 2009


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Taken straight from Chicago Breaking News:
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Lake County authorities believe an unusually strong batch of heroin could be responsible for a recent spike in the number of heroin overdoses in the northern suburbs.

Coroner Richard Keller said he has asked the federal Drug Enforcement Administration to check the purity levels of heroin found in the possession of several overdose victims. Keller said he began noticing an increase in heroin overdoses in December, when eight people died from using the drug.

In January and February, the coroner’s office recorded about six deaths each month from heroin overdoses. Normally, the office averages about three heroin overdoses each month.

“We’re concerned there could be a more potent form of heroin out there than what people are used to,” Keller said.

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