The Million Penny Project Artwork Installation Wins Prestigious International Advertising Award at the One Show Competition in New York!

Posted on May 23, 2009


1,000 pennies is only worth $10.00, yet it weight over 6 pounds.
Now a ten spot would weight much easier on the pocket book that is until you purchase something. What do you get pocket change?

What do you do with your pocket pennies?

Example number 1 ~

The Million Penny Project
is a fundraiser initiative that invites the community and local business’s to collectively donate their financial and professional resources for a cause. The goal is to raise one million pennies ($10,000) for every participating charity demonstrating the ability to provide relief.

Example number 2 ~

The artistic way!

Rebecca Bogan ~ AdobeSol

Rebecca Bogan ~ AdobeSol

Did you know that the newer money penny contains no zinc? She has created a barrier between the penny to protect sensitive skin, cleaned, textured and drilled. This penny hangs it in front of a pure 18 gauge textured & drilled solid copper disc. Oxidized and tumble polished for brilliant detail and shine.


Handmade Supplies and pendants:
Rustic Art Jewelry hand fabricated by Rebecca Bogan
Rebecca also donates profits of her sales to the JDRF Foundation

Example Number 3

Pumped ~ it’s called brand marketing!

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