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Mr. Stutman

Robert Stutman Get to Know Him

Robert Stutman is a former Special Agent with 25 years experience in the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

His last six years with the DEA I headed the New York Office,  DEA’s largest.  He states that in all of his experiences he has learned three absolute facts, which many Americans fail to understand.

1. Law enforcement will never make drugs completely unavailable in the U. S.

2. Second, most adults know almost nothing about the world of kids and drug
How many of us know what Special K and Roofies are?

3. Drugs are devastating our communities, homes and workplaces, and we fail to deal with this in a way that will make any substantial change.

On the horror of 9/11/01, over 3000 people died due to terrorist attacks and we have elaborate and hopeful plans of preventing such an attack again.

Yet almost 2000 Americans die every month because of the effects of  illicit drug use, and most families have no plan in place as to how to deal with the problem.

Instead, they use “Not My Kid” as a defense. Most school systems are doing less then they were in 1985 because they will tell you they don’t have the time or money to deal with this “parenting” problem.

Most businesses, while they think they are dealing with the problem of “substance abuse in the workplace,” spend money on programs that rarely make a difference (pre-employment testing), and leave themselves wide open to major suits due to the use of alcohol at company functions, entertaining clients, etc., without doing even the simplest things to protect their assets.

He shares his thoughts through experience and knowledge with Schools, Communities and the Workplace. Dealing with Issues of how to cope and potentially resolve this devastating and debilitating problem in the U. S.

Please get to know Robert Stutman!

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