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It’s cookies, he smells like cookies!

March 27, 2010


Michael (John Travolta) is not a stereotypical archangel. He epitomizes the freedom that an angel might command if living among mere mortals

Is this your school district on drugs?

February 28, 2010


Several years ago, Bob Stutman spoke to my three TEC groups. Stutman was the "head narc" for the Drug Enforcement Administration's New York office. He had 1,000 DEA agents reporting to him.

Thank you Chrystal

January 20, 2010


"There's blood running in the streets, but no one's paying attention. They just walk over it like it's a puddle," said Lea Minalga, a Geneva mom whose son is a recovering heroin addict. She now runs Hearts of Hope, a group that helps families deal with drug addiction. "I (tell parents), 'Do you understand that unless you're prepared, this could happen to you?' They think it can't happen to them, so they tune out."

The Gift

January 2, 2010


Vignettes of time & memories -
"Past time - are just memories relived, present time - are memories we create, future time - are memories to be made." jv

Signs of Adolescent Heroin Use

October 26, 2009


Slang: words for heroin Alquitran, anti-freeze, Aries, beast, Big H, brown sugar, china white, brown, crap, dirt, DOA, dope, Dr. Feelgood, gallup, gato, girl, gold, goodhorse, H, hard, heaven, Henry, Harry, shoot-up, skag, spoon, smack, shoot, tigre de blanco, quill, mayo, karachi, wings, witch.

Every Dollar Counts Campaign/Every Seizure Matters Campaign

October 23, 2009


When people learn these facts-and become aware of how little funding for research there is-I am confident they will help. That's why we are launching the Every Dollar Counts Campaign/Every Seizure Matters Campaign to raise $250,000 for epilepsy research by the end of the year to fund the Special Friends for a Cure award. Remember, every dollar counts!

Recognizing Addiction in Your Son or Daughter

September 23, 2009


Are You Enabling Your Child in the Addiction Process? If you are like most parents, your initial response to addiction in a child is “We are going to fix this problem?” The common initial thoughts of parents faced with an addicted child will include, I’m going to punish my child, or I’ll lecture him about the problems with doing drugs or alcohol, or I’ll ground him until he is 30!!