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Recognizing Addiction in Your Son or Daughter

September 23, 2009


Are You Enabling Your Child in the Addiction Process? If you are like most parents, your initial response to addiction in a child is “We are going to fix this problem?” The common initial thoughts of parents faced with an addicted child will include, I’m going to punish my child, or I’ll lecture him about the problems with doing drugs or alcohol, or I’ll ground him until he is 30!!

How to determine if your son or daughter is addicted

July 23, 2009


How to determine if your son or daughter is addicted

Help for parents with addicted children

July 22, 2009


Addiction to drugs and alcohol among our children covers the entire social and economic spectrum in our society.

Better late than never ~ just get it done, that is all I have ever asked!

June 3, 2009


Community Drug Forum, Lake County Illinois, Thursday June 4th, Stay on Track don't fall off the horse and lose sight of the real issue ~ you can bet on it ~ Heroin is alive and living in Lake County, IL

Heroin ~ 40% of high school seniors do not believe that there is a great risk in trying heroin.

May 22, 2009


Recent studies suggest a shift from injecting to snorting or smoking heroin because of increased purity and the misconception that these forms of use will not lead to addiction.

Parents Have More Power Than They Think!

February 20, 2009


Linking Efforts Against Drugs a parent group fighting drug use and underage drinking in the local communities of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.

Sharing information, teachable moments, repeated presentations of truthful information, that is how you teach kids, that is how they learn!

January 13, 2009


News ~ Live from the Coroner of Lake County! Excerpts from written comments of students that attended health classes spoken to by my staff: I also learned that people make lots of stupid decisions near me. That part scared me a bit, the fact that people who could be driving on the same street as […]