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Is heroin overdose painful?

March 30, 2010


Is heroin overdose painful. You're extremities have turned purple and hair is now completely matted down with sweat. It is now time for them to administer the shot. Within seconds you reawaken to find yourself in a state of utter confusion and sudden, horrendous agony. You're heart is racing and nausea sets in... As you spew vomit into the bucket the EMS has provided you, all the while the only

Thank you Chrystal

January 20, 2010


"There's blood running in the streets, but no one's paying attention. They just walk over it like it's a puddle," said Lea Minalga, a Geneva mom whose son is a recovering heroin addict. She now runs Hearts of Hope, a group that helps families deal with drug addiction. "I (tell parents), 'Do you understand that unless you're prepared, this could happen to you?' They think it can't happen to them, so they tune out."

Signs of Adolescent Heroin Use

October 26, 2009


Slang: words for heroin Alquitran, anti-freeze, Aries, beast, Big H, brown sugar, china white, brown, crap, dirt, DOA, dope, Dr. Feelgood, gallup, gato, girl, gold, goodhorse, H, hard, heaven, Henry, Harry, shoot-up, skag, spoon, smack, shoot, tigre de blanco, quill, mayo, karachi, wings, witch.

Better late than never ~ just get it done, that is all I have ever asked!

June 3, 2009


Community Drug Forum, Lake County Illinois, Thursday June 4th, Stay on Track don't fall off the horse and lose sight of the real issue ~ you can bet on it ~ Heroin is alive and living in Lake County, IL

Heroin deaths spike across Chicago area, authorities say ~ please read the article if you have children ~

April 8, 2009


We were founded in memory of Alex N. Laliberte who tragically passed away on December 15, 2008 at 20 years old from drug-related causes. His time was cut short but his memory will always live on. We hope to do that through helping others as he did in his life. "This has been horrific," Gary Laliberte said. "He should still be here."

Potent Heroin Listen to Him Speak ~

April 1, 2009


I read Dr. Keller’s blog each and everyday, and as I read I re-post ~ as I re-post his words just may help another – to reach another, so another shall not die! This is not a an issue isolated to the poor neighborhoods nor gang related ~ it is in our community ~ it […]

Too-potent heroin blamed in 20 Lake Co. deaths

March 13, 2009


This is way to important ~ way to serious of an issue now ~ I apologize in advance without asking permission to post this article ~ Taken straight from Chicago Breaking News: It’s amazing how many comments in such a short time ~ more to this article found HERE! Lake County authorities believe an unusually […]