Talk to your Kids Hear them Speak

I am a wife, a mother, artist and a friend.

I ask you as my fellow artisans, friends, family that together within our own communities educate our/your children about drug awareness, addiction and disease.

Together we can empower them, nurture them, give them the tools to become all they can be leading a life happiness joy & peace they so deserve.

Let’s Do it for ~ The Children of our Future!

Grief is all encompassing, it does not matter how little or how deep it has seeded within you.  A mother should not loose a child. Please join me on this journey of hope that my son has gifted to me.

“Acting out leads the enabler to react, given their position in the situation it’s not about using or drinking, it’s all about thinking” Jon McEachern ~journal date entry unknown~ ©

"God" to my son for you to gain knowledge

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